The Lost Lucas: A Look Back on THX 1138

We’re pleased to introduce our intern Josiah Berger, who will be writing a bi-weekly series on our blog. In the coming weeks, Josiah will be examining classic science fiction films in relationship to… Continue Reading

No one authority: the films of Sky Hopinka

“No one person is the authority on anything,” says Cleo Keahna in Sky Hopinka’s 2017 film Dislocation Blues. Keahna is talking about already-fading memories of being at Standing Rock, which is the nominal… Continue Reading

Support Shotgun Cinema on GiveNOLA Day – May 1, 2018

We’re delighted to again participate in GiveNOLA Day, New Orleans’ annual day of giving with funds stretched by the Greater New Orleans Foundation. Now in our fifth year of operation (!!!), Shotgun Cinema… Continue Reading

Recommendations: The Overlook Film Festival

The Overlook Film Festival makes its New Orleans debut this Thursday, and we’re excited to spend the weekend deep in genre films, virtual reality experiences, live shows, and immersive stories. The lineup of… Continue Reading

Angela’s top filmgoing experiences of 2017

The doomsday clock for cinema apparently marches onward (the 2017 box office numbers aren’t helping the situation), but I continue to find transformative experiences in filmgoing. Film festivals are bringing together filmmakers and… Continue Reading

Travis’ top films of 2017

In a couple of weeks, the American film festival ecosystem will chug back to life with the Palm Springs International Film Festival, immediately followed by Sundance – a festival that, as always, is… Continue Reading