Vision Statement

Film is art with a unique ability to connect communities across economic, social, and political lines. Film exhibition is the final link in a long chain of work, and no matter the environment, a great presentation can satisfy the vision of artists, inspire audiences, and galvanize a community. Shotgun Cinema strives to present films in a way that honors the filmmaker’s intentions, and to immerse audiences as much as possible in the story onscreen.

In recent decades, independent movie theaters have been compelled to evolve into something more that just places to watch films. Around the U.S., they have sought to integrate within their surroundings and aid their communities in unique ways. They provide an encouraging social environment, an accessible artistic space, and support for symbiotic businesses. Many have become nonprofits, educating their audiences and making it their mission to present diverse, thoughtful film programming that might otherwise go unseen and remain unknown.

As film professionals, Shotgun Cinema’s founders have traveled the world experiencing the power of cinema at film festivals, at one-of-a-kind screenings in magnificent movie palaces, and in the most intimate settings. We align ourselves with the presenters of this work as we develop our vision of filmgoing in New Orleans.

Although habits of watching moving images are continually evolving, the social value and pleasure of watching a movie in a special space, with a group, remains unique and undiminished.

The Venue

The ultimate goal of Shotgun Cinema has always been to operate a dedicated, year-round film venue in New Orleans. We are currently searching for a suitable space in several areas of the city.

We envision:

    • Two screening rooms (50-150 capacity each)

    • 70mm, 35mm, and 16mm film capability

    • State-of-the-art digital cinema projection and sound

    • An open and engaging lobby environment for spending time outside the theaters

    • Concessions and ancillary activity that enhances the use of the space

  • A safe space welcoming any and all curious or interested people

Venue-related inquiries are welcome at [email protected]. Please note that although we are happy to suggest other local screening venues, we currently have no physical space of our own to offer for special screenings.

Upcoming Screenings