Zombie (Zombi 2) (1979)

  • dir. Lucio Fulci 92 min.

    Wednesday, October 28 7:00PM

    Robert E. Nims Theatre

  • 2000 Lakeshore Drive
  • New Orleans, LA 70148
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  • Synopsis
  • Featuring eye-gouging, disembowelment, and even a zombie-versus-shark scene, Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE is an apocalyptic classic that helped define the zombie film genre. When a boat owned by renowed scientist Dr. David Menard (Richard Johnson) is recovered in the New York harbor with a zombie aboard, Dr. Menard’s daughter Anna Bowles (played by Mia Farrow’s sister Tisa Farrow) and reporter Peter West (Ian McCulloch) head to Matul to investigate the illness that’s plaguing the island. A curse on the island brings the dead to life, and everyone must fight to escape the island alive.

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