Full Aperture: Ladies Shooting Punks

    Saturday, June 24 8:00PM

    New Orleans Photo Alliance

  • 1111 St. Mary
  • New Orleans, LA 70130
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  • $7 general admission; $6 NOPA members

  • Synopsis
  • It’s well known that the American punk and hardcore scene developed in the 1980s into a teeming subculture. Punk’s restless energy, DIY (do-it-yourself) ethos, and strongly oppositional stances on media, conformity, and gender politics spilled over into lifestyle, fashion, and other art forms. Punk filmmakers in particular found a voice in exploring themselves: giving voice to feminist rage, documenting their social and music scenes, and using increasingly accessible technology to upend established ways of making, distributing, and watching films.

    We kick off our summer with films shot by female punk-identified filmmakers, all brimming with insistent energy, inventiveness, and fun. These films convey the thrill of new connections, new boundaries crossed, and independence itself.

    This program includes THE VISION MACHINE (Peggy Ahwesh), I WAS A TEENAGE SERIAL KILLER (Sarah Jacobson), and PORTLAND (Greta Snider). All films shown on 16mm!

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