Güeros (2014)

  • dir. Alonso Ruizpalacios 102 min.

    Thursday, June 11 7:00PM

    Thursday, July 2 7:00PM

    Robert E. Nims Theatre

  • 2000 Lakeshore Dr.
  • NOLA 70148
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  • Synopsis
  • During the 1999 National University strike in Mexico City, Sombra and Santos live a purposeless and unmotivated life to kill time. But with the arrival of Tomas, Santos’ restless younger brother, the aimless slackers are coerced into finding dying 60s folk singer Epigmenio Cruz (who’s rumored to have made Bob Dylan cry) to pay their respects. A sly homage to the Nouvelle Vague, filmmaker Alonso Ruizpalacios creates a film that’s both a powerful mark of history and a nuanced portrait of the present.

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