Full Aperture: Animation

  • 50 min.

    Saturday, July 16 8:00PM

    New Orleans PhotoAlliance

  • 1111 St. Mary
  • New Orleans, LA 70130
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  • Synopsis
  • No matter the form, animation is freedom: it allows for drawing any image and put any sound with it. It’s also a painstaking process that requires complete attention to each individual image. Still, its capacity for movement and energy makes animation a powerful mode of filmmaking.

    Oskar Fischinger’s films are among the earliest abstract animations that exist, and reflect his interest in using moving images to express the deep but abstracted emotion found in music. We present two of his short films that show how pioneering he was: the gorgeous CIRCLES, one of the earliest color films in Europe (using Gaspar Color, a process Fischinger helped to invent) and the black-and-white STUDY NO. 8, which employs music that would later be used in FANTASIA.

    Jodie Mack is one of the most energetic and prolific animators working anywhere. We will present Lilly, made from arranging exposed film negatives, and her cheeky 2008 musical Yard Work is Hard Work. Though their work is separated by many dec

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