Blood on the Bayou: THEY LIVE and THE THING

  • dir. John Carpenter

    Friday, October 21 8:00PM

    Castillo Blanco Art Studios

  • 4321 St. Claude Ave.
  • New Orleans, LA 70117
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  • Pricing Information
  • $10 (includes both films)

  • Synopsis
  • With Halloween and the presidential election fast approaching, there’s a feeling of terror in the air, so we’re bringing you a gory, sardonic escape with this wickedly devious double feature: John Carpenter’s They Live (1988) and The Thing (1982).

    In They Live, a nameless drifter (“Rowdy” Roddy Piper credited as John Nada) discovers a pair of glasses that enables him to see the wealthy elite for who they really are: a group of aliens that encourage humans to breed, spend, and obey through subliminal messages. In his quest to enlighten the human race and free humanity from the aliens’ grip, Nada teams up with Frank (Keith David) to kick some alien ass (after he’s finished chewing bubblegum, of course). This satirical sci-fi adventure is not only insanely fun, but also uniquely smart in its overall critique of corruption, power, and greed.

    In the Antarctic, a team of American scientists (which includes Carpenter regular Kurt Russell and They Live co-star Keith David) investigate a mysterious disaster at a Norwegian research station, which includes the remains of a double-faced human. But what they found is far more sinister, and this shape-shifting creature begins to hide in human hosts. Isolated in a place as remote as outer space, the crew must battle a seemingly invisible enemy while they await rescue.

    This screening is sponsored by: New Belgium Brewing and New Orleans Horror Film Fest

    Thanks to our Community Partner: Krewe of the Living Dead

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