On Hollywood’s New Vietnam

I will be the first to admit to a weakness as a cinephile: I’m not very good at watching mainstream action movies. I didn’t grow up on them, and when I consume them… Continue Reading

Introducing Big Screen

Shotgun Cinema started as a film presenter in search of a venue, and we have continued that way as we roll deeper into 2017. This situation has forced us to be resourceful and… Continue Reading

On the 2017 Sundance Film Festival

Sundance is truly the mark of a new year for me each January: I head from generally favorable weather conditions in New Orleans to the snowy mountains of Park City, Utah, and spend… Continue Reading

On the magic of Harry Smith

To open our second season of Full Aperture, we present the work of an influential American filmmaker who in a sense can barely be called a filmmaker, such was the breadth of his… Continue Reading

Angela’s Top Ten of 2016

AC: While some continue to ring in the death of cinema (I enjoyed A.O. Scott’s take on the matter), I found 2016 to be filled with a plethora of transformative work in both… Continue Reading

Travis’ Top Nine

TB: Perusing this list, I notice how many more narrative films I enthusiastically included. After recent years in which it seemed that documentary film was somehow ascendant, this year contained so many great… Continue Reading