Week of August 14 to August 20: Full Aperture

On Full Aperture: Animation

July 14 2016 · by Angela Catalano

Image for 'On Full Aperture: Animation 'A still from Oskar Fischinger's CIRCLES (KRIESE).

The impetus for this Saturday’s Full Aperture: Animation program came during our trip to the Nitrate Picture Show this past April. One of the films that we watched was Oskar Fischinger’s An Optical Poem (1937), an animated film he made for MGM. The images dance on screen in synch with Franz Liszt’s Second Hungarian Rhapsody, moving gracefully and visually bringing the music to life. It was exhilarating and visceral in ways that I hadn’t experienced while watching a film before: it was as if the music, aided by the moving shapes on screen, was felt corporeally. You can watch the film here...