Shotgun Cinema presents EDEN

August 27 2015 · by Angela Catalano

Image for 'Shotgun Cinema presents EDEN'Director Mia Hansen-Løve takes us into the Parisian rave world in EDEN

We’ve had a whirlwind summer, and despite the blazing heat we’ve endured, it’s hard to believe that next week is September. We enjoyed bringing you way more films than normal this past summer, and we’ll certainly miss the consistency of screening at the Nims Theatre. We have plans in place regarding the build-out of our own permanent cinema, and screening films weekly only further whetted our cinematic appetite. Thank you to everyone who supported us this summer, and in particular, thanks to those of you who made our inaugural True Orleans Film Festival such an amazing event. We’re excited to return to the fiction world with the latest film from French director Mia Hansen-Løve, Eden...