Week of July 5 to July 11: Jeff Goldblum Must Go Faster

Shotgun Cinema presents Jeff Goldblum Must Go Faster

July 02 2015 · by Angela Catalano

Image for 'Shotgun Cinema presents Jeff Goldblum Must Go Faster'The impossibly alluring Jeff Goldblum in JURASSIC PARK

I’ve frequently been coined the “film snob” among friends and family, and while I would argue that’s part of my job, I also think that label paints an unnecessarily rigid portrait of my film tastes. Anytime I get particularly defensive about that label, I emphatically declare my love for summer blockbusters. I truly, madly, deeply adore big, exploding films that may or may not have an interesting story, but do produce a sense of wonder and excitement in me that reminds me that filmmaking can create some of the most awe-inspiring moments...