On the Eastman 25, part I

September 03 2015 · by Travis Bird

Image for 'On the Eastman 25, part I'The Eastman 25, after significant time on the bench.

I don’t know many other people like this, but holding a camera is how I originally became interested in film, and running film as a projectionist is how I became a cinephile. I didn’t pursue being a projectionist to feed a need to gorge on films; I gorged because I loved feeling I was somehow performing, feeding off the energy in this unique ritual of watching movies in a theater, and knowing I was sharing and perhaps even guiding the experience of a powerful film with the audience. Understanding the function of all my tools, knowing how everything worked, I always saw as essential to the performance. So personally, I’m almost as fascinated by the machines of projection themselves as I am by the act of projection. Even in the digital age, it takes an awful lot to project a movie...